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  • Pipeline by by Lead Source
  • Sales Pipeline by Stage by Sales Region by Sales Exec.
  • Sales funnel / sales pipeline analysis by Sales Executive by Month
  • Sales funnel / sales pipeline data input
  • Sales funnel / sales pipeline analysis by Region by Sales Executive by Month
  • Sales funnel / sales pipeline analysis by Lead Source by Month
  • Sales Piple Gross Value by Market Sector by Sales Region
  • Pipeline Gross Value by Sales Exec by opportunity
  • Sales Pipeline by Product Group by Sales Region
  • Sales Pipeline by Sales Region by Pipeline Stage
  • Sales Pipeline by Pipeline Stage by Sales Region by Sales Exec.
  • sales pipeline set-up parameters
  • Pipeline Gross Value by Pipeline Stage


This Excel spreadsheet is a comprehensive system template for Sales Pipeline management.

The Excel Sales Pipeline template processes each sales lead / opportunity through a fully customizable multi-stage Sales pipeline and provides a detailed analysis of the sales pipeline by:

  • Sales Region,
  • Sales Executive,
  • Lead Source,
  • Pipeline Stage
  • Market Sector and
  • Product Group.

The analysis is available in both tabular and chart forms. (click to enlarge the product thumb-nail images above).

Check our comprehensive 22-page Sales Pipeline User Guide to see the full range of extensive features.

The highly flexible Excel Sales Pipeline template allows the user to set up flexible tables to define sales regions, sales executives, lead sources, pipeline stages and associated probability of closing, and market sectors.

Entering new sales opportunities in the sales pipeline template is then made "quick and easy" by selecting the table entry from a dropdown list.  This approach also eliminates typing errors in inserting any of these parameters.

The sales pipeline net value of each opportunity is calculated based on the pipeline stage and associated probability of closing an opportunity in that stage of the pipeline.

We also offer a Sales Pipeline template which incorporates a comprehensive WIN-LOSS Analysis

The standard template (without Win-Loss Analysis) is one of three companion templates.

  1. The Sales Pipeline Funnel Planner & Calculator identifies the level of new business leads/opportunities required to achieve the sales revenue budget.  (Excel 2003)

  2. The Sales Leads Generation Plan and Budget template develops a plan and budget to generate the necessary leads by different marketing sources or categories, i.e. trade show, telemarketing, etc.  and sets a budget cost per lead.(Excel 2003)

  3. The (this template) Sales Pipeline / Sales Funnel template  Excel provides a comprehensive pipeline/funnel management system for all new and current opportunities as they progress through the sales funnel / sales pipeline. (Excel 2007). 

This product requires Excel 2007 or later

All three are available as a Sales Pipeline Templates Excel Package at 33% discount


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    Amazingly Simple, Highly Effective, Superb Support

    Posted by K. Laverty on 25th Nov 2011

    I purchased this product from the Business Tools Store and have been wowed by how simple it is to use and how effective it is in giving me the information required to effectively manage a Sales funnel. The Business Tools Store have proven that Sales Funnels do not need to be complicated to be effective. This is a powerful tool that can be used by any organization and at the price it is offered at is a no brainier.

    I don't consider myself a Pivot Table expert so the very few questions that I did have we're answered promptly and effectively and in a manner that I understood what was needed to be done.

    I would recommend this product to anyone that is interested in managing their Sales Funnel in an orderly and effective manner. Great job Business Tools Store.

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