Sales Pipeline Funnel Image Graphic Generator Excel Template

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Sales Funnel Graphic Excel Template / Sales Pipeline Funnel Graphic Excel Template


This Excel-based Sales Pipeline Funnel Image Graphic Generator template allows you to quickly review and analyse the impact of a range of “what-if” questions and
produce a Pipeline Funnel Graphic image for your specific sales pipeline. 

The template quickly answers two basic questions for you:

  1. Based on a specific number of New Leads how many Orders will I generated?
  2. How many New Leads do I need to generate a specific number of Orders?

It calculates the number of New Leads required to generate a specific number of Orders or alternatively calculates the number of Orders that will be
generated by a specific number of New Leads.

It also calculates and shows graphically the number of Opportunities at each stage of the Sales Pipeline.

Sales Pipeline Funnel Graphic Image Generator

The template automatically produces a Sales Pipeline Funnel Graphic image (click on image above to enlarge)
that shows visually the shape and metrics of the Pipeline Funnel based on your specific parameters that you have entered.

Additional Features

Most organisations have their own distinct sales cycle/pipeline.

The Sales Pipeline flows from New Unqualified Leads, through a number of stages, to finally exiting from the Pipeline in the form of Orders.

The template also allows you to define your own pipeline stages and to assess the impact of changes to any parameter of the Sales Pipeline,
such as, changing the ratio of New Leads moving to Qualified Leads.

The Actual Sales Conversion Rate from New Leads to Orders is also calculated.

Check out the Sales Pipeline Funnel Graphic User Guide for full details.

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If you require a more comprehensive analysis our Sales Funnel Excel Calculator Template  uses your monthly revenue budget to calculate all the pipeline details,
including New Leads required each month to meet your revenue budget.

It takes into account the time lag involved in going from New Leads to Sales Orders and ultimately to Revenue.

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